Teaching Technology

From Learner…

Cornell’s Center for Teaching Excellence has given me the opportunity not only to learn pedagogic techniques, but also to design a workshop series to teach those skills to other graduate teaching assistants.  Specifically, adapting new technology to increase student interest and motivation has driven much of my pedagogical study at Cornell.  Center for Teaching Excellence workshops such as Approaches to E-LearningUsing Course Management Systems: Preparing Students for Active Class Engagement, and Electronic Portfolios as a Tool to Enhance Learning and Assessment helped me to identify appropriate technology for different learning outcomes.  These workshops also sparked an idea that I now include as a regular course enhancement – in addition to holding normal office hours, I offer virtual office hours two evenings per week via Skype.

…to Teacher

Having earned the CTE certificate for Enhancing Teaching with Technology, I switched from learner to teacher to contribute these lessons to a new group of graduate students. In Fall 2012, I co-taught the newly retitled technology workshops How to Use ePortfolios to Enhance and Assess Student Work and How to Lead a Discussion in an Online Classroom.  In designing these workshops, I incorporated interactive activity formats such as “Think-Pair-Share,” “Minute Papers,” and “Student as Teacher” to explicitly model pedagogy while teaching technology.  By conspicuously labeling these activities on the Powerpoint as “Think-Pair-Share” and such, I made my pedagogy explicit to the workshop attendees and provided them with an additional lesson in classroom activity design. Communicative teaching methods can enliven technology learning as well as promote language acquisition.

Please note that the presentations’ denotation, wherein I cite the CTE website as my Reference Page source, will not appear in this link.  Denotation is available upon request.