IMG_9257Service to the University and Community

As with research and teaching, I consider service to be indivisible from parallel scholarly activities.  Service to the university transpires on concurrent hierarchical levels: you can help a student and the class, a colleague and the department, a university and the surrounding community. Planning interdisciplinary initiatives to engage multiple departments and the local community creates rich and varied connections that foster enterprise.  Contributing to the life of the university by arranging for expert speakers, curating exhibits, and arranging workshops with local artisans spark mutually beneficial conversations among those who would not meet otherwise.

Departmental Service

On a departmental level, there are two key mentorship contributions I would like to make to my colleagues and our students.  Establishing a technology skill exchange, a seminar with rotating faculty instruction, would provide a structured means to benefit from one another’s talents and keep current.  To aid students, creating a mentoring program would foster departmental connections and improve the exchange of knowledge.   Such programs must be tailored to the needs of my colleagues and students.  Through interviewing, observation, and discussion I hope to identify those factors.  The school’s needs will be the starting point for service, not the end.