Pedagogy Curriculum

Pedagogy Course ListDorland

To further my professional development, I have pursued eight semesters of pedagogy programs, courses, and workshops over a nine-year period. For details, please see Course List.

Cornell GTRF Program

Serving as a Cornell Graduate Teaching and Research Fellow (GTRF) permitted me to take David Way’s course Teaching in Higher Education to reflect on my teaching approach. I then enrolled in Kimberly Williams‘ class Teaching as Research in Higher Education to evaluate the effectiveness of my technique and to identify new directions for inquiry.

The interdepartmental collaboration in the GTRF program has helped me to engage with my peers in other disciplines and translate their pedagogical techniques to apply to my field.  Conversations with GTRF participants showed me that adapted STEM field pedagogy (clickers, demonstrations) could encourage greater participation and student engagement in Italian Studies courses.  Combined GTRF and Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellow (GTAF) workshops gave me the opportunity to contribute and assess my approach to language learning.

Harvard Pedagogy Curriculum

I first began to investigate the relationship between learning and teaching by as a Harvard undergraduate. Tutoring work with the Harvard Bureau of Study Counsel first led me to question the efficacy of error correction and other Audio-Lingual techniques, and pushed me to request permission from Kimberlee Campbell to take her graduate level class, Teaching Foreign Language.  This course sparked my passion for effective Italian Studies pedagogy and the Communicative method, and continues to inform my learning and teaching at Cornell.

Further Course List Information

Please note that I have annotated the course description in my course list to provide additional content information.  I have made these additions in order to highlight what I learned from each class.  Original versions can be found in the Cornell and Harvard online course catalogues and the Cornell Center for Teaching Excellence website.