Professional Development

IMG_9241Seeking Dialogue

Pursuing excellence in research, teaching, and service calls for frequent peer dialogue and critical reflection.  I take full advantage of international, national, and university symposia and journals to contribute to scholarly conversations, to solicit critiques from my colleagues, and ultimately to improve my work.  Active involvement in journals through article writing and book review provides a textual and online venue for exchange. Attending conferences with the National Women’s Studies Organization, the American Historical Association, the Modern Language Association, the International Communication Association, and the Association for the Study of Food and Society fosters connection with scholars from a variety of fields and encourages academic collaboration.  In future years, I will seek out collaborations at these events with the goal of developing study abroad programs and research exchanges.  University-affiliated associations, such as Society for the Humanities and Institute of European Studies, provide feedback on a weekly basis.

Giving and Receiving Mentorship

Mutually beneficial mentorship characterizes the core of my professional development plans.  During my first two years serving as an Assistant Professor, I plan to seek regular counsel from established colleagues to forge regular knowledge exchanges.  Participation in Center for Teaching Excellence technology seminars means that I can offer colleagues advice in student-centered teaching techniques related to archive digitization, blogging and wiki-writing, as well as eportfolio and website design.  I will also put together guides for Podcast-creation and Youtube film editing as pedagogic tools for continued learning outside of the traditional classroom.  In return, I will ask my colleagues to share their experience in academia, providing guidance for my research and teaching direction.  Specifically, I will request writing critique and teaching observations.  Advice from Emeritus and Associate Professors alike will suggest how to evolve my scholarship in the short-term as well as over the course of my career.

IMG_9222Courses, Seminars, Practica

Pedagogy classes contribute to my professional development by pushing me to clarify my rationale in research and teaching technique selection. I began to follow this vein of study as a Harvard undergraduate by taking Kimberlee Campbell’s graduate-level course “Teaching Foreign Language,” and by working with the Bureau of Study Counsel.  I will continue to participate in pedagogy workshops as a professor.  Because if its significance to my current scholarship, I highlight these courses on the Pedagogy Curriculum page.